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Nintendo DS 3D Repairs
Top or Bottom Screen Smashed or Faulty

An obvious crack in the DS Lite top or bottom screen, the colours may appear to leak from the main crack.

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Touch Screen Smashed or Faulty

The screen may be cracked or not respond correctly.

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Camera Faulty

There is no visual output from the camera or an error message appears when attempting to use it.

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Charging Fault

The console will not take charge when the power supply is inserted or it wont hod charge.

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Application Error

When trying to load any application or game an error message will appear

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Not Reading Games

Console will not load games or intermittently not load games.

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Button or Analogue Joystick Faults

The analogue joystick moves in the wrong direction, or your buttons are unresponsive.

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Water Damage

Water/liquid in the 3DS top or bottom screen, also the console may not turn on.

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