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Nintendo WII Repair
Nintendo Wii Softmod

The Homebrew Channel allows you to run Homebrew applications and games. The USB Loader Channel allows you copy your original games directly to an External Harddisk or SC Card and play them directly from that device. So you can copy all off your games to an external harddisk and never have to insert a DVD again.

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Wii Laser Replacement

Does you drive not read discs anymore? Disc Unreadable message displayed on Screen?
This service is for the removal and replacement of your dead laser in your Nintendo Wii

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Wii Drive Replacement

This service is for the removal and replacement of your Nintendo Wii dvd drive.

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Disc or Foreign Object Stuck in Drive

When inserting a disc into the Wii you may hear grinding or whirring noises, or the Wii may not accept discs at all.

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Power Problems or No Video Output

Your Wii will not power on or there is no video output when the console is turned on.

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Wireless System Repair Bluetooth or WiFi Adapter

You may experience problems connecting to a wireless network, or syncing your Wii Remote.

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Don’t know what’s wrong with your Nintendo Wii?

If you're unsure of your fault or have multiple faults please send us your machine for a free estimate!

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